Neighborhood Association of Childs Park


Volunteer Opportunities:

We have several projects for members of the community to participate in. We are currently seeking volunteers for the following committees and projects:

 Carefest 2014

 Community Events and Activities Planning committee

 Public Safety Committee 

 Communications and Information committee

 Health and Human Services Task Force


Who can participate?

We welcome all Childs Park residents (young and not so young) -- renters, homeowners, educators and proprietors of businesses -- to participate in the Association.

While we encourage residents to support our organization with annual membership dues ($10 for residents / $20 organizations and business) there is no monetary requirement to participate fully and give input on neighborhood issues, however only members are allowed to vote on the issues and at our annual election of officers.


President                       Bro John Muhammad

Vice President               Jabaar Edmonds

Secretary                       Cynthia Tomalin

Treasurer                       Tashawn Muhammad