Neighborhood Association of Childs Park



Our neighborhood association is very active and becoming a positive force in promoting a genuine sense of community through our efforts to "Put Neighbor back in the Hood." We work closely with the City of St. Petersburg and have developed strong partnerships with concerned stakeholders in the community that help us achieve our goals.

Whether it’s hosting a neighborhood reunion, providing information to residents about city services or attending group training to obtain the skills we need to be effective in moving from ideas to action, the Neighborhood Association is always involved in community activities that help promote and foster the spirit of love and unity among residents.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Association of Childs Park is

. To foster cooperation between residents, churches educators, law enforcement and businesses in the area; thus making the area a better place to live, work, worship and conduct business

. To enhance, improve and beautify the Childs Park Neighborhood of St. Petersburg, FL

. To involve all members of the Neighborhood in the development programs and activities that will educate, encourage and focus every segment of the Neighborhood's population in a positive direction.